Árbol Irwin




Origin: Florida (USA)

Tree: Medium size, with little vigour, very compact and with dense branches; with short internodes and narrow, long and leathery leaves. Very regular production. Due to its size, it allows narrower planting layouts than other varieties. In greenhouse are well adapted to growing on a trellis.

Planting layout: 2 x 2 m or 2 x 3 m in a greenhouse and 3 x 3 m outdoors.

Flowering: Very early. From March to April outdoors and from February to March in greenhouse. It is necessary to cut the first bloom, in order to have better fruit set in the second, with better temperature.

Production: At third year in greenhouse and at fourth outdoors.

Fruit: Red-yellowed skin. Oval shaped shoulders, long and narrow at the tip. Its flesh is excellent, very sweet, aromatic, soft and without fibres. It has a very select market that doesn't have other varieties.

Average weight: From 200 to 400 g.

Fruit ripening: In greenhouse it ripens from 10th August to 10th September and from 10th September to 10th October outdoors.

Estimated production per hectare: 20/25 Tons.