Viveros Blanco S.L.

Viveros Blanco is a pioneering enterprise in spreading avocado's cultivation, as well as the introduction of many tropical and subtropical fruit trees varieties and rootstocks in the coastal area of Southern Spain.

We work as

Subtropical nurserymen since 1972 and our background includes such important milestones as the introduction of avocado cloning in 1982. The adaptation of over 30 mango varieties to our environment, for commercial exploitation. Blanco Nurseries has also introduced numerous varieties and rootstocks of avocados which are resistant to Phytophtora and Rosellinia.

We therefore with

A strong and extensive experience in this sector, that allows us to offer our customers a wide range of plant species whose quality and performance are the best guarantee of success for the farmer on the launching of a new plantation.

We work with disinfected substrates as required by applicable law. For this we have the most natural, modern and green existing technology, which involves raising the temperature of the compost above 85ºC using steam. This saves the presence of fungi in our products.


Proceso de desinfección de compost

Compost disinfection process