The rootstock is the base of the tree, determining its effect, behavior and adaptation to the characteristics of the soil, water and the environment in which it is placed. It will depend on the production, affinity with the variety, harmony and longevity of the tree.




Origin: Isla de la Gomera (Canarias)
This rootstock is moderately vigorous and homogeneous in its behaviour. It is also tolerant to salinity not exceeding 300 mg of chloride. It has a perfect affinity with commercial varieties. Its trunk is clean and smooth. It grows well in slightly calcareous soils. It is the best adapted soil to our climate, tolerating the Pseudomona syringae bacteria better than other rootstocks.





Origin: Israel
Little vigorous tree but it has very important qualities in highly alkaline soils. It is very resistant to salinity both of water and soil. The affinity with the main commercial varieties is quite good. It grows well in cool climates.





It is a rootstock selected in last years due to its high tolerance to clay soils. It is a moderately vigorous tree. It has very good affinity with commercial varieties. It supports very low temperatures (around 2 º -4 º C). It tolerates well Pseudomonas syringae bacteria.