Origin: India.

Variety: Black Gold.

Tree: Very vigorous, evergreen, shiny green with ascending and compact branches. It tolerates well subtropical climate of our shores although it must be protected from strong winds coming from the north.

It starts producing at 3-5 years.

Fruit: The size of Jack’s fruit can reach between 15 and 20 kg, but there are varieties that have a weight between 3,5 and 5 kg. His skin is green, extremely wrinkled and thick. When it ripens, it changes its colour, turning to green-yellowed, until turns almost brown, which is the time of ripens and cut the fruit. Part of its flesh covers the seeds. This part is not edible. The rest of the fruit yellow-orange is edible, being its flavour very sweet, aromatic and difficult to define. The percentage of seeds that has the fruit is of 40 units/kg and with an approximated size of a 2-3 g. bean.

Flowering: It is in June and July.

Fruit ripening: It is in September and October.