Origin: Mexico and Central America.

Tree: Subtropical, evergreen and from 4 to 5 cm high.

  • Medium and narrow leaves.
  • It tolerates cold quite well, but not the strong winds.
  • It adapts well to all types of soils, but prefers sandy loam.
  • It has good drought resistance, although the risks are crucial in both the development of the tree and the fruit.
  • It starts producing at 3-4 years.

Fruit: It is greenish, turning yellow-greenish when ripens. Its skin is thin and its flesh cream coloured. It tastes sweet and soft.

Fruit size: Spherical drupes of 6/12 cm diameter.

Fruit weight: From 100 to 150 g.

Fruit ripening: From early September to mid-November.

Pruning: It should be make pruning thinning to allow entering the light to prevent the overdevelopment of the tree.

Planting layout: 5 x 6 m. definitive.

Varieties: Mc Dill and Wooley.

Rootstock: Franco.


Árbol Zapotefruto zapote