arbol litchi


Origin: China

Tree: Medium, roundish and with very dense branches that arise as V.

  • Evergreen. Its leaves are small, thin, stalked and soft to the touch.
  • It has an average tolerance to cold, although it is well acclimated to our subtropics, with temperatures above 3-4 degrees.
  • Develops well in loam and slightly alkaline soils, with a pH not higher than 7.5 and it requires water having a low sodium and chloride content, not exceeding 200 mg / l.
  • It starts producing at 3-4 years after planting.

Fruit: In clusters, at the end of the branches, being red, with an excellent sweet, juicy and aromatic taste.

Fruit Weight: Fluctuate between 20 and 35 g.

Flowering time: From 15th March to 30th April, depending on varieties and period temperatures.

Fruit ripening according varieties:

  • Mauritius, Mc Laine, Brewster and Chacapat: From 15/8 to 15/9.
  • Bosworth and Kwai May Pink: From 1/9 to 25/9.
  • Salathiel: From 15/9 to 30/9.
  • Wai Chee: From 10/10 to 31/10.

Pruning: It requires annual soft pruning and cleaning dry branches.

Planting layout: 5 x 5 definitive for these less vigorous varieties.

  • 5 x 5 provisional for first years and definitive 7 x7 for more vigorous varieties.
      • Little vigorous varieties: Wai Chee, Chacapat and Salathiel.
      • Medium vigorous varieties: Kwai May Pink, Kaimana, B-2 and B-10.
      • Vigorous varieties: Mauritius, Brewster, Mc Laine and Bosworth.