Origin: North of Mexico and USA.

Tree: Very vigorous and deciduous. It can reach a great high.

  • Soft, narrow and slightly elongated leaves.
  • It resists well low temperatures below 0ºC. This allows it to make a good floral differentiation in order to have a good setting of flowering arrival in spring.
  • It needs ward temperatures in summer to optimize fruit ripening.
  • Although it tolerates all types of soils, even very clayey ones, it requires deep, fresh and little alkaline soils.
  • It requires weekly irrigations, with good and free of salt water, although it tolerates an average salinity.
  • It starts producing at 3-4 years.

Fruit: Smooth nut, brown coloured and ovoid shape. Seed is lobed with three longitudinal grooves on each lobe. It measures between 3.5 cm of length smallest varieties and 5-7 cm largest.

Fruit weight: From 10 to 15 g.

Fruit ripening: From early of November until mid-December, depending on zone temperatures.

Pruning: It should be pruned since the first year, doing a pruning training. It should be repeated every year in order to control the excessive development of the branches.

Planting layout: 6 x 6 first years and 8,60 x 8,60 definitive.

Varieties: Mahan, Wichita, Cherokee, Cheyenne and Western Schley.

Rootstock: Franco.

arbol pecanoarbol pecano

 fruto abierto pecano