arbol macadamia


Origin: Australia

Tree: Medium tree, evergreen and long branches with vertical growth and

  • Narrow, slightly and elongated leaves.
  • It tolerates well temperature variations except frost.
  • It is very undemanding water, having a medium salinity tolerance. It adapts
    well to all types of soils, but prefers light and well-drained.
  • It starts producing from 4º-5º year.

Fruit: It is lined with a thick skin very hard, the fruit is under this skin.

Fruit weight: It fluctuates between 12 and 20 g. Depending on the variety and the
good care it has received regarding nutrition and irrigation.

Fruit ripening: From 15th November to 15th December.

Pruning: It shall prune from the first year because branches out very straight up.

Planting layout: Definitive of 5 x 5

Varieties: Beaumont, Cate and Hawaiian.

Rootstock: Macadamia Tetraphilla.



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