Origin: Andean area.

Its cultivation is quite extended, mainly in Chile and Peru, when it has been selected some varieties.

Tree: Evergreen with bright green foliage. Its crown is spherical and populated with abundant branches.

  • It has medium and narrow leaves.
  • It tolerates cold and moderate winds although not temperatures below 0ºC.
  • It requires well drained soils and not too much calcareous.
  • It supports moderate concentrations of salts in the water.
  • It starts producing al 3-4 years.

Fruit: Spherical in shape and slightly flattened on top. Its skin is smooth and dark green coloured that turns green-yellowed when it goes ripening. The flesh is creamy and consistent, intense yellow coloured and very sweet. It can be eaten once it is ripens or frozen for later consumption, because it is much appreciated to make smoothies, cakes and ice cream. The fruit can have 1 to 3 seeds.

Fruit weight: From 150 to 240 g.

Fruit ripening: From 15th October to 30th November.

Pruning: It should be pruned once a year, removing dead branches and guiding the tree formation. It should be cut some branches of the central top to allow entering the light and a better fruit ripening.

Planting layout: 5 x 5 definitive.

Varieties: La Molina and Prada.

Rootstock: Franco.


Lucumos Lucumos

cesta lucuma