• Origin: China
  • Tree: The longan tree is quite unknown. It is in our nursery from 1.998. It is cultivated in warm areas of the world. It is a subtropical evergreen, with very green and big leaves. It is fairly high, more than 20 m. It starts producing between 3 and 5 years. It requires well-drained loams and airy soils, as well as slightly calcareous. Its need of water is quite high, higher than the litchis. In summer it requires diary irrigations.
  • Fruit: They are spherical or oval drupes, with a diameter between 18 and 25 mm. Their skin is thin and chewy, even smoother than the Litchi, from light green to tan. The flesh, with translucent appearance, is juicy and sweet and covers a single seed. The size flesh/seed is different for each variety.
  • Flowering: It is In April and May.
  • Planting layout: 4x4m.
  • Ripening: The fruit is harvested in October and November.
  • Varieties: Chompoo, Kohala, Biew Kiew and Haew, being the last two the biggest.
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