Origin: North of South America and Central America.

Tree: South tropical, evergreen and medium sized.

  • Thin leaves with a smooth shiny green surface and lanceolated with a short stem.
  • It tolerates moderately cold temperatures, but not below 0 º C.
  • It adapts well to all soil types but prefers loamy ones.
  • It should be irrigated 3 times a week in summer, 2 in spring and 1 in autumn.
  • It starts bearing at 3-4 years.

Fruit: It is light yellow and ends in a point. Its flesh is very sweet and creamy. It can be eaten fresh or in smoothies, ice cream or cakes.

Fruit weight: From 100 to 250 g.

Fruit ripening: From early July until its end.

Tree distance: 5 x 5 definitive.

Varieties: Bruce y Fes.

Rootstock: Franco.


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