Origin: Brazil.

Tree: Subtropical, evergreen and small-medium size. Toptree and foliage very decorative. It flowers directly on the trunk and main branches.

  • With small and rounded leaves.
  • It tolerates the cold but not the frost.
  • It adapts well to all soil types but prefers loamy ones.
  • They should be kept well irrigated during the flowering time so that the flowers do not fall out.
  • It starts producing at 4-5 years.

Fruit: It is small. It is deep purple when it ripens and with the size and appearance of a cherry. Its flesh is juicy and slightly sweet.

Fruit weight: From 10 to 15 g.

Fruit ripening: In May/Jun. Sometimes it can give a second crop in autumn.

Pruning: It should be clean dry branches.

Planting layout: Definitive 5 x 5 m.



cesta jaboticaba