Origin: Tropical Asia.

Tree: It has a slow growth.

  • Evergreen. Their branches are thin, very dense, with small and petiolate leafs of 2-3 cm.
  • It tolerates cold well but not the winds.
  • It prefers light and permeable soils that don't exceed a pH of 7.5
  • Flowering is extended in time, overlapping up to two crops in the year.
  • It starts producing at 2-3 years.

Fruit: It has ovoid shape with five ribs. It is light green and it turns yellow when ripens. Its flavor is slightly acid and its flesh is juicy and without fibers.

Fruit weight: Between 150 and 250 g.

Fruit ripening: In July/August and a second pruning in November and December.

Pruning: It should be pruned once a year, removing dead and crossed branches and lower that tend to produce.

Planting layout: 3 x 4 m. definitive.

Varieties: B-10 and Fwang Tung.

Rootstock: Franco.



Árbol CarambolaCarambolas