The rootstock is an important part of the plant that provides the root system and the trunk to get to the variety by grafting.

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Years ago, when it was thought to carry a plantation out it was not given importance to the rootstock. It was enough that the plant would have vigour and health. Over time have appeared in plantations certain soil diseases such as Phytophthora cinnamomi or Rosellinia necatrix, rottenness in roots produced by fungi and as result the death of the tree. All this made us rethink the rootstock importance.

The rootstock is mainly responsible for the absorption of the nutrients that will determine both the size of the plant, such as production and adaptability to the environment in which it is located, that is, soil, water and other environmental factors. This will determine the fruit and tree morphology and its longevity.

Another important element to consider should be the affinity of the rootstock with the variety so that Liberians vessels have similar capacity and the sap can fluently move from rootstock to variety in both directions.

All varieties and rootstocks we offer in our nursery have been rigorously tested in our land.

We intend to provide accurate advice to allow you to choose, in each case, the varieties and rootstocks that best suit to the specific features of your country seat.

We strictly control the production process, which allows us to guarantee the varietal authenticity of plants we sell and also these arrive to you in the best phytosanitary conditions.