Árbol Maluma


Hass Maluma is a variety registered in South Africa, USA, Europe and other countries.
This variety is highly productive, giving very high and homogeneous sizes.


Fruto Maluma
  • Origin: South Africa.
  • Race: Guatemalan-Mexican
  • Tree: It is moderately vigorous, pyriform and triangular shaped, with a central leader branch with short lateral branches at 110º angle to the main trunk. Its narrow and dark green leaves cover the fruits, not allowing them to be burned by the sun. It starts producing at 2 years (second winter).
  • Flowering: It belongs to group A. Its flowering is from early March to early April, shortly before than Hass.
  • Planting Layout: 4 x 4 m. interim for a few years and 5,60 x 5,60 m. as final framework. Or 6 x 3 m. as interim framework for a few years and 6 x 6 m. as final framework
  • Fruit: It is pyriform, ending with a point in the junction of the stem. Its skin is dark green and very shiny, with a skin thickness of 1,5 to 2,5 mm. When it ripens its colour turns purple. The stem has a thickness of 19-22 mm. which gives greater resistance to fruit drop when it's windy.
  • Flesh: It is soft, slightly fibrous with excellent taste. Flesh with green rind and inside colour that turns yellow when ripens. Oil content is similar to that of Hass.
  • Seed size: Seed is exceptionally small comparing with any other varieties and it has 10% to 15% of flesh weight.
  • Fruit weight: 150 to 380 gr.
  • Fruit size: The 90% is from 12 to 20 calibers and the rest is from 22 to 26.
  • Fruit ripening: It is from early December to mid-April.